Desert delight


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Pineapple pudding


1 cup tin Condensed Milk

4 tblspn Butter

1 level spoon Soda Bicarbonate

3 full Pineapple slices

3 cherries, few cashew nuts or peanuts and Almonds

finely cut Pineapple

cup of Milk

tsp Pineapple essence

2 drops Yellow colour

tsp Baking Powder

4 tsp Brown Sugar

Pre-heat oven to 180 C

Bear half melted Butter, condensed Milk, Yellow colour, Pineapple Essence, Milk with egg-beater for 5 minutes.  Mix in it sifted and heated flour, Baking powder, Soda bicarbonate till there are no lumps. Cut Pineapple into pieces, dust it with flour and mix it into the cake mixture, now melt the remaining butter in the mould. Arrange Pineapple slices with cherries, then sprinkle brown sugar around the pineapple pieces, spread coarsely ground cashew nuts. Pour the cake mixture over it and bake it in the oven at 180C till wooden pick comes out smoothly.


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