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Chocolate Strawberry Sundae


For the Ice-cream :


2 Kgs. Milk

500 gms Fresh Cream

1  tsp Powdered Sugar

2 tsps Vanilla Essence

3 Level tblspn Cornflour

For the Strawberry Sauce :


450 gms Strawberries

2 level tsp Cornflour

1 tblspn Sugar

Few drops of Lemon Juice

Few drops of Red colouring


Mix litre of Milk with the Cornflour very well. Put to boil on a medium flame. Go on stirring until the mixture becomes thick. Then add the remaining 1 litre. Milk and mix. Beat the cream and of the sugar until thick. Mix the Milk, cream, the remaining sugar and the vanilla essence. Taste and add sugar if required

Strawberry Sauce

Take out Syrup from the Strawberry Can and add the Cornflour and sugar. Put to boil and go on stirring until the mixture gets thicker. Take off the fire and cool. Add the strawberries, Lemon juice ad colouring.


Dissolve Strawberry Jelly in 1   teacups of boiling water. Cool and put to set in refrigerator.

For serving

In a tall glass, put a little Jelly at the bottom. Then make layers of ice-cream and Strawberry sauce. Finally sprinkle a little grated chocolate and put a wafer biscuit on top. Fill other sundae glasses similarly. Serve cold.


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