Desert delight


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Chocolate velvet ice-cream



600 ml.  Milk

2 level tblspn Cornflour

1 level tblspn Cocoa

300 gms Fresh Cream

1 tblspn Vanilla Essence

4 tblspn Roasted Almonds or Walnuts

6 tblspn Sugar

Beat the cream lightly. Mix the Cornflour and Cocoa in 3/4 tea cup of Cold Milk. Mix the remaining milk, cocoa mixture, cream and sugar and boil until the mixture becomes thick. Cool and add the Vanilla essence. Pour into ice-trays and put to set in the freezer compartment of a refrigerator directly over with the freezing plate. When almost set, remove the frozen mixture into a chilled bowl and beat with a fork. Put to set again as above. When set, beat once again with a fork. Put to set for a third time in the same manner.

Before serving, remove atleast 5 minutes in advance from the freezer.  Serve in individual cups after sprinkling nuts.


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